Welcome to Fliteline Hobbies of New York!

The Fliteline Hobbies of NY website is currently under construction.


Once we get going at full pace, we will be attending fly-ins and events in Eastern NY, Southern Vermont, Western Massachusetts & Connecticut.
 We will also utilize eBay for some products under the name
Please check back often for future updates.

Our trailer will be stocked with most items you may need for crash repairs. Items such as glues, balsa wood, and some props along with many other items. 

Fliteline Hobbies of NY will eventually be your one stop shop for most all things related to Radio Controlled Aircraft.
We plan to carry Airplanes, Helicopters and Multi-rotors (a.k.a. drones) of all sizes and fuel types along with the support parts needed to keep these vehicles in the air.

We currently will not be opening a retail shop in the near future as the costs will be too great.